EMP Facilities at TU Vienna


The main instruments and support to be made available are:

  • Nuclear demagnetization refrigerator with <50 µK base temperature and 3mK dilution refrigerator (with 4T/8T vector magnet, SQUID sensors and 65 GHz access)
  • Top-loading 12 mK dilution refrigerator with 17 T solenoid and low-noise low-T transformers for electrical transport measurements and microwave input up to 20 GHz
  • Dipstick dilution refrigerator for quick sample testing
  • 3He system with large sample space allowing e.g. large pressure cells for measurements in the temperature range 320 mK - 300 K with fields up to 14 T
  • SQUID magnetometer for magnetic ac- and dc-susceptibility measurements with temperatures between 300 mK and 600 K in fields up to 7 T
  • PPMS1 for materials characterization (transport, vibrating sample magnetometer, torque magnetometer) in fields up to 9 T and temperatures from 2 to 400 K
  • PPMS2 for materials characterization (transport and specific heat) in fields up to 9 T and temperatures from 300 mK to 400 K
  • PPMS3 for materials characterization in fields up to 14 T and temperatures from 2 to 400 K
  • High-pressure cells to be used with most of the cryostats with pressures up to 3 GPa and uniaxial pressure up to about 2 GPa

Personal Contact:

Feel free to discuss questions concerning possible experiments and site-relates questions directly to our Transnational Access Responsible: Silke B├╝hler-Paschen