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Selected Publications

Phase Diagram of the Topological Superfluid 3He Confined in a Nanoscale Slab Geometry

L.V. Levitin, R.G. Bennett, A.J. Casey, B.P. Cowan, J. Saunders, D. Drung, Th. Schurig, J.M. Parpia

The superfluid phases of helium-3 (3He) are predicted to be strongly influenced by mesoscopic confinement. However, mapping out the phase diagram in a confined geometry has been experimentally challenging. We confined a sample of 3He within a nanofluidic cavity of precisely defined geometry, cooled it, and fingerprinted the order parameter using a sensitive nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. The measured suppression of the p-wave order parameter arising from surface scattering was consistent with the predictions of quasi-classical theory. Controlled confinement of nanofluidic samples provides a new laboratory for the study of topological superfluids and their surface- and edge-bound excitations.

Science 340, 841-844 (2013)

doi: 10.1126/science.1233621