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Selected Publications

Quartz Tuning Fork as a Parametric Resonator in High Magnetic Fields

M. Clovečko, K. Goliaš, P. Skyba

We present the measurements of a parametrically excited quartz tuning fork in vacuum at very low temperatures (∼ 20 mK) and magnetic feld of 1.5 Tesla. We show that if a quartz tuning fork is exposed to a high static magnetic feld, the motion of the tuning fork in this feld modifes its potential energy forming a time-dependent term oscillating at twice of its fundamental frequency. This phenomenon gives an opportunity to study and use the quartz tuning forks as the parametric resonators. Here, we present the technique of the parametric excitation of the quartz tuning forks, and we discuss the results of the measurements.

J Low Temp Phys, 201, 154–161, (2020)

doi: 10.1007/s10909-020-02420-7