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Books on Cryogenics

Main references

  • O.V. Lounasmaa, Experimental Principles and Methods below 1 K (Academic Press, New York, 1974)
  • F. Pobell, Matter and Methods at Low Temperatures (Springer 2007) Link to Editor
  • C. Enss and S. Hunklinger, Low Temperature Physics (Presents experiment, theory and technology in a unified manner; part III covers techniques) (Springer 2005) Link to Editor
  • Robert C. Richardson and Eric N. Smith, Experimental techniques in condensed matter physics at low temperatures (CRC Press, 2018) Link to Editor
  • Guy White and Philip Meeson, Experimental Techniques in Low-Temperature Physics (Oxford University Press 2002) Link to Editor
  • D. S. Betts, An introduction to millikelvin technology, Cambridge University Press (1989) 102 pages, Link to Editor
  • P. V. E McClintock, D. J. Meredith, J. K. Wigmore, Low-Temperature Physics: an introduction for scientists and engineers, Blackie & Son Ltd (1992) 296 pages, Link to Editor
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