Aalto University EMP Facilities

The main instruments and support to be made available are:

  • a rotating cryostat with a 140 μK base temperature

  • a stationary cryostat with a 50 μK base temperature

  • dry demagnetization cryostat (base T of superfluid 3He  160 μK)

  • 2 liquid He based dilution cryostats with 20 mK base temperature

  • 4 dry cryostats with 10-20 mK base temperature, 24 hour cool down time to 100 mK.

  • One cryostat is equipped with 9T superconducting magnet

  • Dry dilution refrigerator with 30 mK base temperature aimed for noise cross-correlation measurements at microwave frequencies,

  • Four small 3He/4He dilution refrigerators with base temperatures 30-50 mK and approximately 4 hour cool down time.
  • AALTO/ LTL has a wide range of facilities for characterization and microfabrication and the technical staff offers corresponding training and services for external users .

Personal Contact:

Feel free to discuss questions concerning possible experiments and site-relates questions directly to our Transnational Access Responsible: Joonas Peltonen